Thursday, May 14, 2009


Go to amazon and look up the book Crocheted Wire Jewelry by Arline Fisch. She has so much inspiring work! Based on some of her designs I took up a crochet hook and some copper wire and started playing.

Look at her designs! WOWZA!

ok, here is what I did:

I crocheted the copper wire over a strong structure, anchoring the chain stitch to the frame as needed. When I felt the structure was "full" enough, I pounded it! The piece has a natural curve from the impact of the hammer. The spool is full of a few loooong pieces of chain crochet, soon to be *something.

*maybe a necklace, maybe an art hanging thingie. Soon to be discovered.

Here's another action shot:
I think they look like one line doodles, which makes me totally in love with them! Sigh of contentment.

Sunday, May 10, 2009


This is a little project I worked on for Easter. Suuuper cute!Have you noticed? Pipe cleaner chicks are way cuter en masse. It took forever to make the ripped paper sky, so next time I'm gonna use tissue paper. And the diorama is in a pink bakery box! Teehee!

I glued their feet, no shifting!

Here the diorama is sitting on my parents table. A context shot with Easter baskets!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Special Order

I received a special order, this is how it turned out.

The request was sunset colors...
dark green...
and leaf shapes.

I stretched the scarf on an embroidery hoop. This was the first time I've tried this method, and am really happy with the outcome. I'm going to seal my hoops though, for easier clean up. The dye got into the raw wood, and *ahem was hard to clean out.

*i still haven't cleaned it out...

Friday, May 1, 2009

New Works for April

This is a small taste of what you're going to see at Fusion, if you come. If you can't, then you'll see some stuff pop up in the Goodspeed Empire store on Etsy.

I am hypnotized by the red an purple...
Fun pile!

uhtoh. someone needs an iron... goes double for ye olde backdrop.