Thursday, May 14, 2009


Go to amazon and look up the book Crocheted Wire Jewelry by Arline Fisch. She has so much inspiring work! Based on some of her designs I took up a crochet hook and some copper wire and started playing.

Look at her designs! WOWZA!

ok, here is what I did:

I crocheted the copper wire over a strong structure, anchoring the chain stitch to the frame as needed. When I felt the structure was "full" enough, I pounded it! The piece has a natural curve from the impact of the hammer. The spool is full of a few loooong pieces of chain crochet, soon to be *something.

*maybe a necklace, maybe an art hanging thingie. Soon to be discovered.

Here's another action shot:
I think they look like one line doodles, which makes me totally in love with them! Sigh of contentment.

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