Sunday, April 11, 2010


I highly recommend this to anybody:

1: Clean out your jewelry box. Grab all the stuff you never wear anymore.

2: Call your peeps and tell them to do the same.

3: Get together and revamp.

*see below

When my friends and I got together and revamped I gave everyone a post-it and we kept a list of items we needed from the bead store. That is if I didn't have the item in my stash (<-shock and horror, not having a supply in my stock?!). Then we walked to the bead store in my borough and gathered.

This is a great way to finish projects that have been laying around forever wanting to be competed. It's really better with a gaggle of people, because you have more creative heads and more fun.

Oooh, collaborate on snacks too!

(*isn't my coffee table the raddest color!?)

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